Product Name : High flow cartridge

PureMax® high flow filter cartridge - XP, HP, MP series, achieves the maxmium flow rate in every single cartridge.  With fewer cartridge to reach desired flow rate, it saves space, loading and downtime also the invisible cost for you.


 PureMax® XP Series Water Filter Cartridge

XP series Water Filter Cartridge

Single open end with flow direction of inside-out pattern, PureMax® XP cartridge ensures maximum dirt loading capacity for longer service life with stable filtering efficiency.

 ※ Each single length (20~60") is made in one piece media to reduce the risk of bypass.
 ※ Up to 40times dirt loading capacity than regular depth filter cartridges.
 ※ Manufactured in clean room, high clean filter cartridge.


 PureMax® HP Series Filter Cartridge with Radial Pleated Construction

HP series Filter Cartridge  

Special radial pleated construction in 100% polypropylene melt blown microfiber, with high strength PP support, PureMax® HP filter cartridge reaches the capability up to 2000LPM just in a single 60inch cartridge.  

 ※ High dirt loading capacity up to 18kg/pc (40").
 ※ Absolute filtering efficiency >99%.
 ※ NSF42 certificated and FDA compliant material.


 PureMax® MP Series High Flow Water Filter Cartridge

MP Series High Flow Water Filter Cartridge  

Unique depth and folding technologies, MP series filter cartridge featured with high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity.  Fast, easy changeout and fits most bag housings without hardware modifications.

 ※ Absolute filtration rating >99.9%.
 ※ Inside-out design effectively traps 50times contaminants than filter bag.
 ※ Fits standard bag housing without hardware changes.


⊙ Selection guide  

Item Micron rating ID OD Length
XP series 2, 4.5, 10, 20, 40, 70, 100 μm Ø80mm Ø152.4mm (6") 20", 40", 60"
HP series 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 μm Ø40mm Ø165mm 10", 20", 30", 40", 60"
MP series 3, 5, 10, 20, 40, 70 μm   Filter OD: Ø152mm 410mm (size #1) and 
Flange OD: Ø184mm 813mm (size #2)


⊙ Operating Conditions 

Item Max. operating pressure drop Change out ΔP Max. operating temp.
XP series 3.5kg/cm2 at 25°C 2.1kg/cm2 80°C
HP series 3.5kg/cm2 at 30°C
2.5kg/cm2 80°C
MP series 5.2kg/cm2 at 20°C
2.4kg/cm2 80°C


⊙ Applications  

 ※ Food & Beverage: Beer, wine, high fructose corn syrup, soft drinks, dairy, juice, bottled water, pre-RO
 ※ Fuels & Chemicals: Chemical plants, refineries, amines, petrochemicals, polymer, oil recovery, resins
 ※ Microelectronics: Makeup water, semiconductors, microlithography, process chemicals
 ※ Power Generation: Boiler condensate, nuclear and fossil power plants, cogeneration, gas turbines
 ※ Water Processing: RO system, centralized water system, process water, municipalities, desalination