Product Name : Firestop sealant

INCA®series fire barrier silicone sealant is a ready-to-use, one component elastomer. It is used to seal joint system and the gaps of various through penetrations with 3 hours fire rating, which are needed to stop spread of fire, smoke and toxic gas during the fire conditions.

⊙ Specifications

Item no. INSS 1440 INSS 1186 INSS 2460
Product name  Acrylic firestop sealant    Firestop sealant    Silicone firestop sealant 
Density 1.5±0.1g/cm3 1.5±0.1g/cm3 1.2~1.3g/cm3
Tack free time approx. 30min. approx. 30min. approx. 30min.
Time for full cured 7~21days 3~14days 7~14days
Hardness (full cured)  - - SHORE A 30~40°
Expansion 3~5times - -
Storage temp. 10~30°C 10~30°C 10~30°C
Package 310ml/tube, 25tubes/CTN

*Above values may vary without prior notice.


 ⊙ Applications