Product Name : Firestop sheet

INCA® fire stop sheet series, all materials have been strengthened with special fire-resistant treatment, with the features of easy cutting and assembling.  Combining with the fire stop putty or fire stop silicone sealant, or filling coated board, it can effectively stop the passage of flame, noxious gas and smoke.

⊙ Specifications

Item no. FP-02 FP-03 FP-04+
Product name  Fabricated Firestop sheet     Firestop sheet     Multi-layer Firestop sheet 
Size (LxW)  90x90cm 100x60cm 90x90cm
Thickness 7.7±1.3mm 25mm ≥2mm
Specfic gravity - 330±50g/cm3 -
Color - White -
Temp. resistant - 1260°C (max.) -
Expansion rate 5~10 times - ≥10 times
Certificate CNS 14514, 3hrs, Class A&B
UL1479, 2hrs, F Rating UL1479. 3hrs UL1479, 3hrs, T&F Rating
ASTM 3662; FM approved
 Features & Usages  Easily trimmed to different sizes to fit any installation.
Halogen free, Asbestos free.
Stable and maintenance free.
Works with nearly all construction materials.
Close large penetration openings on walls or floors.

*Above values may vary without prior notice.


 ⊙ Applications