Product Name : Fireproof paint

INCA® series fireproof paint is produced by a new state of art fire retardant system using proprietary leading edge intumescent fire retardancy and fire resistance. It has been highly tested and has passed countless tests from nationally certified labs and testing facilities.


Item no. DC310 DC309 DC309-R DC6150
Product name Fireproof cable coating Fireproof paint Water based cable coating Cable coating
Color White White / Grey White, flat finish White, matt grass level
Specific gravity 1.3±0.1 kg/L 1.3±0.1 1.3±0.1 1.5±0.1
Viscosity 10000~25000cps (25°C) - -
pH value 7.5±0.5 - - 6~8
Solid content ≥60 wt% - 70±3% 70~76%
Drying time touch try: 3~4hr. ; dried through: 2~4days - 2~4hr; 2~4days
(depending on ambient conditions)
Storage temp. 5~35°C 5~30°C 5~30°C -
Package 20kg/pail 20kg/pail 25kg/pail 25kg/pail
Test IEEE 383 / IEC60332-3A
Features & usages intumescent penetration area protective coating water based material
water base, low odor cable & cable tray for cables. non-halogenated
asbestos free air duct or busway for interior use. flexable after cured
flexable & easy use interior use   interior & exterior application

*Above values may vary without prior notice.


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