Product Name : Laser marking

MarkMax® laser marking system, equipped with Japan Fujikura fiber laser module and German Raylase marking head, is a compact, stable, easy operation laser system.  It can mark on most materials with fast and accurate performance.


˙Laser source: Japan Fujikura fiber laser module   proimages/4-M1_laser.jpg
˙Warelength: 1,064ηm
˙Ouput power: 30W or 50W
˙Frequency: 30~120KHz(30W), 50~100KHz(50W)
˙Marking head: German Raylase
˙Max. marking speed: 10,000mm/sec.
˙Max. linear marking speed: 3,000mm/sec.
˙Beam mode: TEM00
˙Lasermarker size: 386(L)x98(W)x148(H)mm
˙Power controller size: 400(L)x381(W)x228(H)mm
˙Power supply: 110V or 220V, 50/60Hz
˙Cooling: Air-cooled (no water chiller necessary)
˙Operating system: XP/Win7/Win8/Win10 


Available focal lens 

Model 30W (50W) JF-30(50)I-070 JF-30(50)I-110 JF-30(50)I-180
Focal Length 100mm 175mm 295mm
Working Area 70x70mm 110x110mm 180x180mm
Spot Size 30μm 40μm 50μm



* Error detection and indication.
* Three-tier password security system.
* Consistent output power even for long time operation.
* Visible red pointer "preview" mode, easy positioning of objects.
* Automatic serial no., logo, barcode, graph marking…
* Emergency stop button, controller with key security.