Product Name : Firestop foam, strip, blanket, board...

INCA® series fire stop materials, including fire barrier foam, fire proof blanket/wrapping, intumescent strip, clips and coated fire stop board (filling)... Most have international and national related approvals, with excellent fire stop, fire proof or fire resistant features.  Together with our qualified working team, we can provide you a safety and reliable living environment.

⊙ Specifications

Item No. US150 (soft) US110 (hard) FB01-15 INFS0812 FP05
Product name 2-component Fire barrier foam Fireproof blanket Intumescent strip Firestop board
Base part A part B part A part B ceramic + foil composed foil natual rock
Spec./size 14kg pail  6kg pail  20kg pail 20kg pail 7200x600x13mm (LxWxT) 2Mx60x5mm (LxWxT) 1200x600x50mm (LxWxT)
Mixing ratio A:B = 7:3 A:B = 7:4 - -
Foaming time 1~5min. 1~5min. - - -
Foaming temp. 20~30°C 20~30°C - - -
Storage temp. 15~25°C 15~25°C - - -
Full curing 24hr. 24hr. - - -
Foam rate aprx. 2.5~4times aprx. 5~7times - - -
L.O.I. ≥32 ≥32 - ≥40 -
Expansion rate 4~10times 2~5times - ≥20times -
Test  CNS 14514, 3hrs, Class A & B CNS14514, 2hrs. CNS14514, 3hrs.
UL1479, 2hrs, T&F Rating UL1479, 3hrs, F&L UL1479, 3hrs, T&F UL1479, 3hrs
ASTM E662    FM approved
Usage seal single or multiple penetrations through concrete or masonry floor slabs, walls. enclosure for cable tray, indulsted or metla pipie, air duct... sealing for plastic or insulated pipe, busway and multiple penetration. as a permanent fire barrier to seal multi penetrations. 

*Above values may vary without prior notice.


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