Product Name : Firestop putty

INCA®series fire stop putty includes moldable or hardenable type, both with unique intumescent property.  They are used for protection of the through penetration of metal pipe and duct with 3 hours fire rating when fired against the passage of flame, noxious gas and smoke.  Besides, they can still perform good firestop function when exposed to 1x106 Gy (1x108 rad) neutron and gamma radiation unit.

⊙ Specifications

Item no.  FM011 FM012
Product name Non-hardening firestop putty Hardenable firestop putty
 Specfic gravity  1.25~1.35g/cm3 1.35~1.45g/cm3
Color Black Dark red
 Elongation  >40% -
Expansion temp. 220°C -
  Volume expansion   > 400% -
Operating temp. - 5~40°C
Storage temp. - 10~30°C
Package  25kg/CTN or 12pc/CTN(400g/pc)  20kg/barrel or 5kg/barrel

To seal the construction gaps, cables, insulated pipes, electrical conduit metal pipies penetrations on fire reated walls.

 To seal the gaps, openings of metal pipes through fire rated walls. 

To seal the gaps, voids of penetration items through floors. 

To seal the gaps, pipes and cables   penetrations on floors.

*Above values may vary without prior notice.


 ⊙ Applications