Product Name : Cyanoacrylate (super glue)

Cyanoacrylate adhesive (super glue) is a transparent, colorless glue which bonds with most materials in very short time.  It can be applied alone without solvent or catalyst and extra heating equipments.  Only a small dose can reach visible bonding strength.

3 seconds® series

Usage No. Features  proimages/4-A2_CA_3sec.jpg
general purpose TY-1N fast curing
rough surface TY-5AN strong bonding
gel type TY-GN no dripping and flowing
DIY market TY-22 fast curing


mxbon® series

Usage No. Features  proimages/4-A2_CA_mxbon.jpg
surface insensitive 21401 low viscosity, heat resistant up to 121°C
general purpose 21495 for plastic and rubber
metal  23415 for gap 0.2mm
rubber toughened 21380 BK vibration resistant
high impact 22435 high flexibility
high temperature 22698 truly thermal resistant
low odor, low blooming 224902 medical grade

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