Product Name : Pre-Filter

Primary filtration always requires pre-filters at the first stage of air filtration system to capture most and larger particles, including dust, hair, insects, pollen and various fibres.  With the work of pre-filter, the life span of main filter, such as HEPA filter, can be exteded. 




Frame: Rigid high wet-strength beverage board 

Media: Synthetic fiber (non-woven)

Sealant: EVA Adhesives

Safety grade: UL900

Max. Temperature: ≦70°C

Max. Relative Humidity: ≦95% RH

Rec. Final Pressure Drop: ≦200Pa

Efficiency:  G4 (EN779) / MERV8 (ASHRAE 52.2) 



  • Lower pressure drop
  • Easy to install in wide range of HVAC systems
  • High moisture resistant
  • Cost saving with lower energy consumption
  • Environment friendly
  • To extend life span on final filtration



Pre-filters are used in electronics, pharmaceutical, residential, commercial and industrial areas and also widely applied in all types of HVAC systems.