Product Name : Selection Guide of Industrial Filter

Industrial air filters are designed to remove the bad odors and particles in the air and enhance the air quality in our surroundings. They are produced and formed with different types being applied in various industrial areas, such as semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, steel, precision, electronic industries, hospitals, labs & spray paint booth, etc. 


Industrial filters are mostly applied in AHU (Air Handling Unit), MAU (Makeup Air Unit), etc., to remove the contamination & odors around the areas of the industrial buildings.



For the equipment which requires to supply with HIGH capacity of airflow, its HEPA filter media will be normally made by glass fiber.  As to the household air filters or car filters, those are primarily made by synthetic fiber.  Considering the SMALL air flow for indoor air purifiers and cars, the HEPA filters are normally made by a layer of polyester combined with electrostatic filter media to attract and trap airborne particles and achieve the efficiency for HEPA filters. 



In general, the industrial filters range from primary, secondary, final/cleanroom and gas phase filters, which are classified and defined as below for the filter types, advantages, and applications, etc.


Primary Filters

When it comes to primary filtration (also named as pre-filters), they are normally installed and applied in the 1st stage of filtration and capture larger particulates before reaching the HEPA filters.  This is to reduce the large particles directly through the HEPA filters and extend the lifespan of HEPA filters.



1. To catch larger particulate matters such as dust, hair, dander, pollen, lint, dust mites and other harmful substances.

2. They are widely applied on all types of HVAC systems.

3. Cost saving, easy to install and high humidity resistant.


Filter types:​

1. Extended Surface Panel Pleated Filters

​The filters are designed to capture larger particles.  With lower cost and easy to install, they are widely applied in residential areas & all types of ventilation systems.



2. Metal Frame Panel Filters

​The filters are sturdy, easy to clean and serve to save the cost with longer lifespan. They are economical and effective solution for industrial air filtration.



3. Filter Media rolls

A) Polyester Filter Media Rolls

Media consisting of 100% polyester bonded fibers are formed into an interlocking pattern that traps dust and lint.  They are used to replace fiberglass filters where minimal downstream contamination is required. 

B) Glass Fiber Media Rolls​

The glass fiber media rolls are widely applied to preserve the air quality and remove the odors in the workshop of spray paint booth.




Secondary Filters

The secondary filters are applied in the 2nd stage of filtration to divide the fine dusts from the exhaust air.  They are used to catch dust, pollen and bacteria, which are unable to be captured by the primary filters.  Typically, those filters are made by synthetic fibers.  Likewise, this filtration is also to reduce the large particulate matters into HEPA filter and have longer service life.



1. Capture big particulate matters as well as mold spores, smog, bad odors.

2. High efficiency and low pressure drop.

3. Suitable for all types of HVAC systems or the intake of gas turbines and widely applied in hospitals, pharmaceutical, aerospace, food industries, labs, and cleanroom.


Filter types:

1. Extended Surface Panel Pleated Filters

​The filters are made of cardboard frame with pleated media to capture the contaminations in the air.  The medium efficiency filters are with lower resistance to reduce the maintenance cost.



2. ASHRAE Rigid Cell Filters

​The Rigid Cell Filter is a rigid, extended surface, medium to high efficiency filter. Superior performance in high humidity applications combined with the elimination of media fiber shedding makes it a smart choice over traditional fiberglass high efficiency products.



3. V Bank/Shape Filters

The filter is made of glass fiber, which the extended media surface creates lower resistance to higher air flow and save your energy consumption.  Large media area, up to 420 square feet, provides filters longer serving life and higher dust holding capacity.



4. Ceiling Filter Media Rolls

​The media is made of high performance non-woven, which is thermally bonded and specially smoothed on the clean air side.  They are high-level filtration for paint spray booth systems.



5. Bag/Pocket Filters

​The filters are constructed with synthetic media and assembled in galvanized steel frame, which is flexible to maintain shape in changing conditions.  They offer high efficiency filtration while maintaining low resistance to airflow.



Final Filters

Final filters/HEPA Filters are made and designed to catch very fine particulate matters in the air.  They are widely applied in HVAC systems such as in hospitals, pharmaceutical, aerospace, food industries, labs, electronic industries, and cleanroom.  The filter efficiency can range from 95%@DOP (E10) to 99.999%@DOP (ULPA).


Filter types:

1. HEPA Mini Pleated Panel Filters

​The filters are made up of mini-pleat glass fiber media with efficiencies from 99.9% (H11) to 99.9995% (U15).  The extended media surface combined with precisely controlled bead separator pleating creates low resistance to air flow and save energy consumption.



2. HEPA Separator Box Filters

​The filters designed are to allow system to control laminar air flow under high humidity. Hemmed edges on the aluminum reduce possible pleat damage. Low initial pressure media lengthen the life of filters and filters meet UL900 fire resistance.

3. HEPA V Bank/Type Filters

The mini-pleated V-bank filters are made of glass fiber media with efficiency in H11, H13 and H14.  The frame can be galvanized steel, ABS or aluminum.


4. Fan Filter Unit (FFU)

​Fan Filter Unit is perfect for customers to reduce energy consumption considering its low filter pressure drop.  You can easily use modular system to control the cleanroom level.



5. Room Side Replaceable Filters for Ducted Filter Modules

Replaceable module can be combined with FFU system one used in a positive-pressure clean room.  The room side replaceable ducted filter module is a permanent medium to high efficiency.



Gas Phase Filtration


1. High concentration & activate carbon component

2. Widely applied in semiconductor, TFT-LCD, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, museums, archive rooms, cleanroom, airport traffic control tower, food processing industries, etc.

3. Active carbon is an organic solvent composed of active carbon pore volume.

4. The substances are odorless, tasteless and insoluble in water.

5. With high quality absorption for organic macromolecular substance microconstituent, pigment, bad odor substance.


Filter types:

1. Carbon Loaded Web Activated Carbon Filters​

​High Efficiency GAS PHASE filters are well suited for demanding HVAC applications in office buildings, hospitals, airports and other installations where indoor air quality problems can be found.  The filters are offered in a variety of standard size which will easily fit into most existing HVAC units and new construction.



2. V bank/Type Gas Phase Filters

​GAS PHASE chemical filters are designed for effective gas-phase removal of medium and low concentrations of gas-phase contamination in fresh air and recirculation air handling systems.  The packs are arranged in a V-shape to utilize max amounts of media for the given face area.

3. Activated Carbon Polyester Media Rolls

​The activated carbon filter media is made of polyester (nonwoven) with coconut shell activated carbon, which is available bother in pads and rolls formats. It can remove bad odors, smells, smoke, fumes, VOCs, etc.