Product Name : Filter bag

PureMax® filter bags including various media and specification in different sizes, accuracy from 0.5~800um in nominal or absolute grade.  For fluid with larger particles, higher viscosity or larger volume filtering applications, bag filter is an ideal pre-filtration.

With absolute competitive prices, these filter bags have been widely used in most industries in our local and overseas markets.

We also make unique specifications or multi-layer structures to meet your requirements.


⊙ Brief specification for standard filter bag
No. Diameter Length Surface area Volume Max. flow
Size 1 7" 16" 2 ft2 2.1 gal 90 gpm
Size 2 7" 32" 4 ft2 4.6 gal 200 gpm
Size 3 4" 9" 0.5 ft2 0.4 gal 25 gpm
Size 4 4" 15" 1 ft2 0.7 gal 45 gpm


⊙ Properties of filter media


Polyester Polypropylene Nylon Nomex PTFE
Operating temp.* 150°C 90°C 140°C 200°C 250°C
Chemical resistance*
acids ●/○ ○/△ ●/○
aliphatic solvents
alkalines ●/○ ●/○ ●/○
aromatic solvents
chlorinated solvents
oils, fats    
oxydizing agents ○/△
 ●=resistant, ○=limited resistant, △=not resistant 
 *approximate values, largely depends on type of liquid. 


⊙ Application
adhesive oil, fat gasoline
beverage ink pre-filtration
chemicals detergent rinse liquid
conformal coating paint solvent
coolant parts washing water


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