Product Name : Electric Putty

PLASEAL® B-UF putty, mostly plausible to the area of electric/telecommunication equipment in train cars executively requiring frame-resistance performance. 



*Passed non-combustibility standard level for train car uses.

*Superior to frame-resistance.

*excel at adhesiveness, water proof and sustainability of sealing performance.

*Fined texture and non-sticky tactile sensation make easy workability.

*No irritating odor, good at workability under low temperature environment.



*Sealing for voids and spaces requiring waterproof, protection from insects, corrosion, dust prevention.

*Vehicles related: train carts, etc.

*Vessels related: innter sealing for water-proof gland, lightning equipment, traffic light device, telecommunication equipment, etc.



*Clean the surface where the sealing products will be applied, and be free of drainage such as oil, water and dust.

*The sealing products can be applied by hand work, and you can use a stick or suitable instrument to support your work.

*Remained products should be stored with the surface covered by some wrap like plastic bag.


Appearnce/color grey/block Observation
Specific Gravity 2.0 Convert weight in water
Penetration 64 JIS A 5752 / Load: 100g•5sec
Heat Resistance Not Particular 70℃*72hr
Cold Resistance Not particular -20℃*72hr
Flame Resistance UL94 V-0 level Fire test of plastic material (based on UL-94)
Product size 80*40*160mm -
Package 1kg/block, 20blocks/carton

**above inspection data is measured originally, so it does not guarantee as a standardized data.