Product Name : Heat Resistant Putty

PLASEAL® S-1 is made by Japan NITTO chemical industry, high grade putty brand.  Two-component modified silicone based elastic putty (hardening type).  With excellent heat resistance, IP44 classed waterproof and UL94 V-0 class flame resistance.  Best for sealing off around resin piping (hot water plumbing) and sealing for cable penetration of solar power system.



*Most suitable for resin piping.

*Simple and handy workability.

*Closely adhered and elastic even after cured.

*IP44 class water tightness.

*UL94V-0 high level flame resistance.



*Still available where it is attached to resin piping under high temperature.

*No shrinkage, craking and slumping after cured.

*Sealing of penetration around resin piping, wire, cable...


Appearance Grey (mixed) ;  base(blue)/hardener(orange) Observation
Specific Gravity 1.7 (mixed) Convert weight in water
Mixing Ratio 1:1 Ratio by weight
Usable Time  8hr 20℃*100g
Curing Time 48hr 20℃*100g
Hardness (HDA) 54 JIS K7215 (20℃/48hr)
Flame Resistance V-0 level Complied with UL-94
Package 75g+75g/set, 2sets/innerbox, 10sets(3kgs)/carton

*above inspection data is measured originally, so it does not guarantee as a standardized data.