Product Name : Whole house water filter

PureMax® whole-house water filter system optimizes the water quality of the entire house in the first stage. The system is made of high-quality stainless steel and is equipped with a large filter element, which has a longer service life and lower cost.

⊙ Features and Benefits

• Electrolyze polished stainless steel material to prevent rust and stain.

• Suitable for outdoor installation.

• Standard 1" in/outlet size, easy piping connection.

• No electricity, free maintenance. 


⊙ Specifications - housing

Model Diameter Height Weight Flow rate Filter element Design pressure Operating pressure
WTB-110 Ø180mm 485mm 8 kgs 10 GPM BEP-10 (10") 10kg/cm2 7kg/cm2
WTB-120 Ø180mm 735mm 11 kgs 20 GPM BEP-20 (20")


 Specifications - filter element

Filter element Diameter Length Media Type Rating Max. operating temp.
BEP-10 Ø110mm 10" polyester fiber pleated 1μm 80
BEP-20 Ø110mm 20" polyester fiber pleated 1μm 80





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