Product Name : BA200 (2")
☉ Applications

01. Glazing and clay transfer in ceramic plant.
02. Jam, jelly, beverage transfer in food industry.
03. Adhesives, glue, solvent transfer.
04. Waste water treatment.
05. Mud filter equipment.

06. Paper pulp in papermaking.
07. Ink, paint, resin, pigment transfer.
08. Heavy oill transfer.
09. Raw material transfer in chemistry factory.
10. The field of variable pressure and flow.

☉ Features

01. Explosion proof.
02. No mechanical seals.
03. No rotating parts (or bearing).
04. No bypass piping required.
05. Can run dry continuously without damage.
06. Compact size, portable.
07. Variable speed and pressure.
08. No efficiency loss by pressure or flow change.
09. Handles abrasive fluids.
10. Handles high viscosity fluids.

11. Pumping low density dry powders.
12. Handles non-abrasive but high corrosive fluid.
13. Shut down anytime without damage.
14. Acts filter work in handling waste water.
15. Operating without generate heat.
16. Operating temperature up to 130℃.
17. Ideal for shear sensitive materials.
18. Dry, self-priming suction.
19. Easy operation.


⊙ Performance curve



⊙ Dimensions



☉ Properties of diaphragm media (reference only)