Product Name : Hot melt glue

Applications: carton/box/bag sealing、packaging、book binding、wooden furniture、shoes making、hand crafts、toys、hair decorations and DIY market.

⊙ EVA base - stick type

Color Item no. Feature & Application
Clear 705 / 705WT crafts、decorations、toys、DIY、general pupose
White 705C crafts、decorations、toys、DIY、general pupose
706A nylon、plastic、metal
Yellow 701 carton、paper box
710 colored box
712A PP film、PE film、PVC film
Black 705B crafts、decorations or black products
Colored 705CS series purple, pink, blue, black, white...12colors
Glitter color 705GG series gold、silver、red、blue and green glitter


⊙ EVA base - pellet type

Usage Item no. Feature & Application
Carton / box sealing 764C medium speed auto carton/box sealing
768A / 768S medium speed, general auto carton/box sealing
768D high speed carton sealing
766L high speed auto carton/box sealing
764P / 764Q water proof carton/box sealing
766A higher temp. carton/box sealing
766B corrugated paper board、box、carton、pellet
768P anti-slip paper bag/carton
710D colored box
Paper bag making 764P paper bag 、bag edge 、bag bottom
Straw   765E / 772P straw on Tetra pak、Combibloc
Book binding 759H stitched book binding
777D non stitched book binding
718A art paper back lining
Shoes making 764C / 710D sole fixture
705 / 705B for shoes making materials / black
Bonding 705 / 705WT / 705AT leather、fabric、sponge…bonding
Assembly 705 / 710D / 721 leather、fabric、sponge、plastic、wood…assembly
Cigarette filter tip 772T cigarette tips
Air filter 713L air filter nets

*SGS and RoHS approved.

*All above info are subject to change without prior notice.