Product Range
  • Specific filters for photoelectric, IC, semiconductors chemicals cleaning system; process water or gas filtration。
  • Various filter cartridges, filter bags, active carbon, filter vessels, pumps
  • Purifier filters for hydraulic and lube system, movable filter cart
  • Vacuum pump filters or oil/water separator。 (replaceable for any brands)
  • Compressed air system filters, vessels, drainers。 (replaceable for any brands)
  • Process filters, active carbon block filters
  • Dust collecting and air ventilation systems

Agent for famous local and foreign brands, including PureMax、filtteck、Parker、ultrafilter、ProPure. Complete products range, special sizes OEM available.

 Service Range
  • Electronics:

Photoelectric、semiconductor packaging chemicals、gas、DI Water、cooling water… and vacuum pump、compressors…filter cartridges and vessels。Filtration efficiency up to 0.03µm。

  • F&B:

Conditioning water,drinks,mineral water,oil,wine。

  • Chemicals:

EG chemicals,lotion,slurry,inks,paints,resins,solvents。

  • Machines:

Gas cogeneration plant,paper,steel,aluminum-magnesium alloy, die-casting plant... hydraulic & lube filtration system

  • Pharmaceutical:

Ultra pure water,syrup,solution。

  • Hospitals:

Ultra pure water,gas,air ventilation system。

  • Glasses:

DI Water,ultrasonic cleaner。

  • Environmental engineering companies and equipment suppliers。
  • Residential RO system prefilters、active carbon filters。

We have complete testing equipments for efficiency, pressure drop, pore distribution, integrity test and a variety of water quality analysis equipment such as particle size and distribution, chlorine, conductivity, PH value and TOC content tester... to provide reliable tests and the analyses of performance


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