Hot Selling Products   
proimages/002/big/b01.JPG Melt blown filter cartridges
100% PP meltblown nominal & absolute grade filter cartridge
--longer service life
--high efficiency, absolute grade over 99.9% 
--NSF42 & FDA approved 
--For TFT-RGB process、developer cleaner section or F&B、pharmaceutical...
proimages/002/big/c01.JPG Pleated filter cartridges
Media available with PP microfiber、PES、NYLON or PTFE membrane
--For cost-down purpose 
--Best second-source choice 
--TFT LCD process、glass substrate process、semiconductor、biotech、chemicals...
--TOC less than 40ppb、integrity test
--FDA & NSF42 certificated  
proimages/002/big/d01.JPG Active carbon block filter cartridges
De-coloring / de-odoring / de-chlorine...
--For general & industrial water purification
--High surface filtration area,excellent absorpency
--NSF42 & FDA certified 
--All series in competitive prices  
proimages/002/02-5-1_s.jpg Various filter bags
Absolute low prices & high performance 
--Many medias for option including chemical or high temp. resistance type 
--Rating from0.5~800µm
--Special sizes available 
proimages/002/02-6-1_s.jpg Stainless steel filter housings
Made from strictly selected SS materials in S304,316,316L 
--From single to multi-cartridige or multi-bag 
--For cartridge 10"~40" or bag size 1~4
--Electro polish、acid washing、EG or food grade treatment
proimages/002/02-6-4_s.jpg Regular Plastic housings
For residential & commercial or inudstrial use。
--For DOE cartridge from 5"~20”
--PP or clear AS material 
--Durable as prefilter
--Pure PP housing available now! New  
proimages/002/02-7-2_s.jpg Hydraulic filters
High pressure、return line、in-line types...。
--1/2"~1 1/4" in/outlet 
--By-pass valve and reverse-flow device available 
--Visual or electrcial pressure indicator 
--Works with βx≧200 high efficiency or high decay ΔP(3000psig) cartridges   
proimages/002/02-9-1_s.jpg Dust filters
PureMax® dust filters,suitable for impulse dust collectors。 
--Easy & fast installation
--Durable and cost saving 
--Effective dust filtering result
proimages/002/h8.jpg Precise air filters
Various types air venlitation filters 
--Paper/steel/aluminum frame 
--Glassfiber/rayon/non-woven/active carbon 
--Micro-pleated/HEPA/ULPA grade  
proimages/隔膜泵浦.jpg Diaphragm pumps
In/outlet from 1/1"~3" all new types 
--Double diaphragm pumps 
--Excellent quality, high performance
--Suitable for various fluid  
proimages/002/big/k01.JPG CHIKO® dust collecotrs
Japan origin - compact dust collecting series。
--For electronics and precise parts productions
--High cleanliness pharmaceutical and hospitals  
--Laser marking / engraving / cutting... 
Technology of "air control & purify",total de-dust solution。