Established in 1995, Filtration Dept. now has Taichung, Hsinchu and Tainan offices in Taiwan to provide immediate services to customers.


1. Meet the purity standards required by customers for any liquid (ie special chemicals, DI water, air, oil, etc.). 

2. Provide appropriate filtering elements to help customers "cost down".

4. Provide filter system design and construction.


We have complete testing equipments for efficiency, pressure drop, pore distribution, integrity test anda variety of water quality analysis equipment such as particle size and distribution, chlorine, conductivity, PH value and TOC content tester... to provide reliable tests and the analyses of performance.

§  Products seminars/conferences are welcome upon request. §
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TEL: Taichung:04-24734000   Hsinchu:03-6585666   Tainan:06-2905290