Hot Selling Products   
proimages/03/03-2_s.jpg Laser cutter FMC270
Newly developed with more excellent performance, the most compact size.
--Graphic control panel,easy operation 
--Stable fiber laser source,best beam mode 
--Fast & precise DC serve motor 
--Excellent cutting quality on most thin metals
proimages/03/03-1-2_s.jpg StellarMark® laser marking series
Fiber or CO2 full-sealed metal laser tube, powerful & long service life. 
--Higher quality request 
--Mass-production purpose 
--Entirely upgrade the added value 
--For all non-metal materials or
   painted/plated/anodized or heat-treated metals  
proimages/03/03-1-3_s.jpg Flatbed (XY table) laser marking system
Competitive DPSS-YVO4 or Fiberlaser source XY-table marking system.
--Wide operating area 
--DC serve motor provides fast & accurate motion 
--Excellent marking quality on metals and plastics 
--Auto power compensation design 
proimages/03/03-3-4_s.jpg Marksman® series
For plastics, metals, parts or pin marking system.
--Enhance the traceability of parts 
--Effective parts management 
--Ungrade the process automation 
--Creat the products added value 
--For auto-parts & bicycles、machines、hardwares…
proimages/03/03-4_s.jpg Citronix® ink-jet printer
Industrial auto ink-jet printing system, i.e., date、code、serial number... 
Citronix® completed products series,had been widely used on F&B、paper、electronics、household products... 
proimages/03/big/05.JPG CKU series
CHIKO® compact dust collectors - Japan origin.
--For electronics and precise parts productions
--High cleanliness pharmaceutical and hospitals  
--Laser marking / engraving / cutting... 
Technology of "air control & purify", total de-dust solution. 
proimages/03/03-5-9_s.jpg Super Mini dust collector
CHV super mini size, easy bundled into the grinding or for higher efficiency dust processing purpose.
Besides, for cleaing of machines in cleanroom, its light weight & portable feature is the highlight. 
proimages/03/big/06.JPG Ionizer series
Fast & excellent ion balance, anti-static is secured.
•Bar type: mutli nozzles、wide range 
•Fan type: easy operation & adjustment 
•Tube type: mini size、easy installation、wide applications