Product Category
  • Cartridge filter (melt blown type, pleated type, wound, active carbon...; regular and high flow)
  • Bag filter (polypropylene, polyester, nylon and multi layers)
  • Filter housing (stainless steel or PP materials; single or multi-bag, multi-cartridge)
  • Household series, water dispenser, whole house filter system
  • Hot melt glue (EVA, polyamide...base in stick, pellet, block type)
  • Cyanoacrylate glue (ultra fast, low-whitening, non-dropping or specific usage)
  • Anaerobic adhesion, A-B glue, Epoxy, UL standard adhesive
  • Glue applicators (glue guns, glue dispensers, hot melt glue machines)
  • Firestop sealant, putty
  • Firestop sheet, board, foam, strip, blanket
  • Fireproof coatings, paints
  • Laser marking machine
  • Compact dust collector
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