Product Range 
  • Fire stop sealant, fire stop board, fireproof sheet, fireproof coating...
  • Industrial putty NEOSEAL, PLASEAL, sealing compound, epoxy.
  • Electronic and industrial grade silicone sealant.
  • Conformal coatings.
  • Epoxy resin for adhere、insulating、pouring and packaging.
  • Water or solvent based mold release agent、food grade release agent.
  • Industrial cleaner; Surface treatment agent.
 Main products 
  • INCA® Fire stop system - sealant, sheet, board, coatings & firestop materials.
  • Japan Nitto Chemical - sealing compound (Putty)
    • NEOSEAL® - General purpose
    • PLASEAL®- Flame-resistant grade
    • EPOXY - putty type, gel type, liquid type
  • GE® Silicone sealant, RTV
  • USA Humiseal® conformal coating
  • Epoxy series
    • Epoxy resin
    • Structure adhesive
  • Mold release agent
    • Fluorine based type
    • TAG™ rubber、tire mold release agent
    • Japan C·K·K food grade release agent
    • Heat hardening type 
  • Japan SUNECON® industrial cleaner
    • Professional mold cleaner
    • Lens、glass panel precise cleaner
    • Auto cleaning system
  • Surface treatment agent
    • for specaial cyanoacrylate adhesive purpose
    • PP/PE material surface treatment
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