Hot Selling Products   
proimages/INCA-防火系列.jpg INCA® Firestop system
sealing the gaps of various through-penetration with 3 hours fire rating
--Firestop sealant 
--Firestop putty
--Firestop sheet, fireproof paint, firestop foam, strip, collar...
proimages/Nitto_NEO小.jpg Industrial putty, sealing compound
sealing for voids and spaces requiring water proof, protection from insects, corrosion, dust
--NEOSEAL® - general purpose 
--PLASEAL® - for constructions, cars, trains, flame-resistant type
--KICKNEN® - rats repellent
proimages/cs/05/05-1.jpg Silicone sealant, RTV
anti mositure⁄dust,heat resistance,isolation
--single component type 
--double components type
--silicone oil、silicone grease
proimages/cs/001/11.jpg.jpg Conformal coating
a protective chemical coating or polymer film
--water proof & anti-moisture/dust/mildew 
--insulation & protection 
proimages/cs/05/05-3-1.jpg Epoxy resin series
stable,wide temperature range
--fast hardening 
--non corrosiveness
--good conduction
proimages/SunEcon_A-8000_小圖.jpg Industrial cleaner
for molds cleaning, escaling, degreasing...
--professional molds cleaner 
--optical lens, glass, panel precise cleaner